Today is the opening of the collective show “The Expulsion Of The Limbo”, celebrating 10 years of Fousion Gallery in Barcelona. Glad to be part of it ! Come by and celebrate with us !


The Expulsion Of The Limbo
Fusion Gallery

Exhibition 10th of June- 20th of July 2016
Opening : 9th of June

Carrer de la Carassa 4, pral 2.
08003 Barcelona

FOUSION GALLERY, proudly presents and invites to the upcoming 10 years special – Pop Surrealism group show opening upcoming 09. June. 2016

“ The Expulsion of the Limbo ”

OPENING reception will take place at Fousion Gallery, Carrer de la Carassa 4, pral 2. 08003 Barcelona, the upcoming 20th. July 2016 at 19:30 h. .

Exhibition 10th of June- 20th of July 2016

For this special reason we invited international highly performed artist who will showcase a fine selection of their artistic works towards the theme.

The opening will take place the 9th of June at Fousion Gallery Barcelona. The theme in reality a philosophical reflection about the case that the Catholic Church some years ago announced officially that Limbo does not exist anymore. So the question is now, where will leave all those souls to…

All those Angels, Hybrids and all those who did not have had a space in Hell or Paradise,… All those who inspired hundreds of years artists, theologists, histories and writers and the phantasies of many people.

It seemed to be a place of infinity & hope for the innocence, divines, an alternative conducted space which now closes it´s doors…