My latest drawings will be presented this month at Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco, part of NSFW group show with amazing female artists. A not to be missed show if you’re in town !


Spoke Art is pleased to present NSFW, a group exhibition featuring over 40 female and femme identifying artists exploring sex and sexuality. This dynamic group displays a complex spectrum of experiences from the feminine perspective.

Working in a variety of media including painting, embroidery, neon and beyond, each artist presents their unique interpretation of sexuality. Celebrating the concurrent, opposing forces of femininity, the work celebrates the female experience by highlighting the presence of soft sensuality with powerful and brash frankness.

Each piece delves into the complexity of female sexuality, not as a definitive narrative, but as a larger conversation. Giving voice to artists across the spectrum of gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, racial background and experiences, the exhibition explores how each artist relates to their own sexuality.

curated by Dasha Matsuura

Spoke Art Gallery – San Francisco

August 5 – 26, 2017