After almost 14 years, i am really happy to be back in my hometown Toulouse (FR) to be part of the group show Mister Freeze.


The collective exhibition will take place in two different amazing spaces and will show works, from canvas to huge murals of great artists as Tilt, Reso, Zest, Ciro, Lenz, Astro, Wany, Oko, Sike, Tanc, Toncé, Momies, Zepha, Mlle Boo, Landry, Sowat, Legz, Ditno, Gris1, Katre, F.Bel, Lek, Case, Zoer, Velvet, Sherio, Miss Van, Demon, Costa et Wow123.

Many thanks to my homies Reso & Tilt for the invite.


Mister Freeze “Nite & Day”
May 23rd – June 1st
Opening night :  friday 23 of may | 18h30 – 23h

Le Frigo | 378, route de Launaguet 31140 LAUNAGUET
Le 50cinq | 55, avenue Louis Breguet 31400 TOULOUSE