Nelly Duff and I are happy and excited to present our first production, the Golden LadyScreenprint series.
London based Nelly Duff has been officially distributing fine art by myself, and we finally decided to collaborate and produce an exclusive limited edition screenprint together.


The Golden Lady is now available in different colors. enjoy the limited edition of 70 !


Golden Lady

Edition of 70
Hand signed by the artist
50 x 52 cm
Somerser Soft Paper

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MS_artical_6-460x340 MS_artical_5-460x340

“Nelly Duff is proud to offer the largest collection of Miss Van’s editions. Now exclusive to our gallery we are very excited to announce the new Miss Van limited edition screen print ‘Golden Lady’.
This edition of 70 on Somerset Soft Paper is a superb example of the artists flare for portraying great depth and emotion in the female form. The ‘Golden Lady’, poised in a highly sensual and alluring manner, displays a romantic darkness and fragility which is true to Miss Van’s signature style of iconic sultry female characters.”