For the 50th anniversary of the beginning of building the berlin wall in the year 1961 the Dudes Factory, in a collaboration with nhow hotel, Lux Pop Art Group an Vissible Wall, presents the NHOW FREEDOM PARK with sculptures made from cement segments of the original Berlin Wall. even 21 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall the few still preserved segments are still a important medium for artists and designers all over the world.

The eposed wallsegments originate from the former innercity border between Brandenburger Tor and Potsdamer Platz. Every piece weighs about 2.800 kg (L-Element) and 3.800 kg (T-Element), is about 3,60 m high as well as 1,20 m wide. The segments will be designed by artists on inviation and can be acquired by purchase.

The temporary park is a light- and objectinstallation as well as an open air atelier for the selected stars of the artistic community. Among the artists are Kiddy Citny, Thierry Noir, Chor Boogie, Erika Eiffel, Pius Portman, EZRA 1, Mij.k.dO and jakob Wagner.

For their contribution to the Freedom Park, the Dudes Factory works together with eight of the most well-known street artists and illustators, who will design the wall pieces live in front of the hotel between 15th and 18th of august: Nunca, McBess, Miss Van, Superblast, Dave the Chimp, Lowbros, Anton Unai, Kouka.

Opening of Freedom park : Thursday 18.08.2011 | 19:00 – 21.00

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