Room for Cream・2013

Solo Show
Soze Gallery
Los Angeles, CA, USA
September 21 – October 21, 2013

“Miss Van’s recent artistic pursuits have taken her to Los Angeles, the UK, Barcelona and Brazil, sparking her collaborations with fellow artist Ciro Schu, and charging her new paintings with increased depth, emotion and an elevated romantic darkness. Her iconic sultry female characters reappear in this solo exhibition at Soze Gallery in sensual yet dark masks and evolving environments. “The masks are about hiding whilst also showing something else,” she says. “[They are] a way to have different personalities of the same character, also showing different faces we all have.” The characters, sometimes masked in mysterious animality, and gauzy romantic compositions carry a surreal quality of burlesque, resonating with a beautiful synergy of rawness, softness and emotion. Miss Van says, “I’m evolving and growing up with my paintings. It’s the only way, when you paint with emotions and feelings. I’m trying to be true with myself.”