Glamorous Darkness・2014

Solo Show
Stolen Space Gallery
London, UK
May 09 – June 1st 2014

Miss Van’s breathtaking new work for her show ‘Glamorous Darkness’ maintain the signature aesthetic of her ‘poupées’ (dolls), yet evoking a darker poetic mood. Magical and dreamy, her muses pose in an ambiant nature, singing or interacting with each other. They emmerge from their loosely painted backgrounds like visons or dreams. The colours Miss Van has used in these paintings also adds to the dream like quality, some bright and vivid, some softer, more natural. The masks are still the main elements, her characters are adorned with masquerade-style, animal-like masks, adding mystery and strength. Some with bird like beaks almost like protection to their delicate features, a sharp contrast to their soft sensual curves.