I am delighted to announce i’ll be part of “Égrégore : The Zenith of Pop Surrealism” Group Show at Yves Laroche Gallery in Montreal, Canada.
The collective exhibition will open its doors on thursday, October 30 from 5-9 PM


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“By the word ÉGRÉGORE, as used by the ancient hermeticists, I mean a group of humans endowed with a personality different from that of the individuals forming it. Though studies on this subject have, in the past, been either obscure or secret, I believe it is possible to understand the conditions necessary for the formation of an égrégore. I would point out immediately that the indispensable (though not sufficient) condition lies in a powerful emotional shock. To use the terminology of chemistry, I would say that synthesis brings about intense energetic action.”
-Pierre Mabille, Égrégores ou la vie des civilisations

A collective consciousness, a result of powerful emotional by desires. This is Égrégore.
First introduced by Pierre Mabille, the term was reappropriated by the surrealists who charged it with strong subversive potential. French Canadian painter and poet, Claude Gauvreau then expanded upon the work of Mabille, advocating obedience to our deepest corporal needs as a means towards Égrégore. Reincarnated once more, this exhibition marks the largest group show ever hosted by Yves Laroche. Égrégore will run for the entire Fall/Winter season at Yves Laroche and is comprised of new works by a roster of lowbrow & pop surrealism’s most celebrated artists – Yves Laroche’s personal favourites.

This show is a reflection of how powerful the sum of various parts can be: a concept symbolic of this multi-faceted gallery.

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6355 Saint-Laurent
Montreal QC H2S 3C3 CANADA