It is a honor to be part of the powerful and huge group show CROSS THE STREETS – 40 anni di Street Art e Writing at the M.A.C.R.O museum in Roma, thanks to Dorothy Circus gallery and Drago.

Discover or rediscover some of my works from 2006-7, among amazing artists

Cross the Streets, Roma 2017

Cross the Streets 
40 anni di Street Art e Writing

May 7th – October 1st 2017

Museo d’arte contemporanea
Via Nizza, 138
00198 Roma, Italy

Artists : Mike Giant, Sten e Lex, Will Barras, Cope 2, Doze Green e Roa, Swoon, Fafi, Flying Fortress, Koralie, Nick Walker, Miss Van, Hyuro, Jeremy Fish, Microbo, Bo130, Galo, 2501, Mark Jenkins, Moneyless, Giacomo Spazio, Solomostry, Stella Tasca, Agostino Iacurci, Ozmo, Pisa 73, Luca Mamone, Mosa One (classe 1997!) e, Ray Caesar, Mark Ryden, Marion Peck, Camille Rose Garcia, Kazuki Takamatsu, Yosuke Ueno , Ron English


Princesas Series

‘Heartrob’ 2006 – Miss Van

Cross the Streets is a multimedia exhibition that historicizes the street art phenomenon, the most globally influential art movement of the last 40 years. For the first time in Rome, a counterculture—by now part of the mainstream—enters a museum, the MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome. The exhibition will be on display from May 7th to October 1st 2017.

Promoted by the Rome Department for Cultural Growth– Capitoline Superintendency for Cultural Heritage, the exhibition is conceived and produced by Drago, together with nufactory (promoter and producer of the Outdoor festival), the ABC Project of Lazio and with the organizational support and Museum Services of the Zètema Culture Project. The exhibition is endorsed by CONI.

The project was inspired by Paulo Lucas von Vacano’s research on the Street counterculture and all of its derivatives. As he explains in the exhibition catalogue, “the street watches [and] the street governs […]. Choosing creativity instead of crime is a stance that encourages art, music and sports. The revolution occurs when the street enters the museum and the museum becomes the street. Those who survive the streets, rule the world!”

Street art is a unique avant-garde that unifies youth, minorities, and the marginalized in an era of globalization. Cross the Streets at the MACRO will present a comprehensive introspection on street art through a kaleidoscope of urban art movements, including graffiti, stencil art, pop-surrealism, photography, and film. Street art in its various forms, from graffiti writing to mural painting, has a deep impact on the collective imagination. Originating as an underground movement of youthful protest, street art has positively invaded advertising, and the global fashion, film, and music industries. Cross the Streets aims to express the power of this complex and fascinating movement, highlighting its pioneers and its influence on daily life. The show will also examine street art’s role in inspiring fashion trends and the history of Roman graffiti.

The exhibition is conceived by Paulo von Vacano and produced by Drago.


‘Atame’ Series 2007 – Miss Van