While my solo show “Room For Cream” will be happening at Soze Gallery, my partner Ciro Schu will be presenting his latest works in a solo show at the gallery next door, Time To Shine Gallery.
In “Makumbia” Show, Brasilian artist Ciro will be showing some new paintings and drawings together with some wooden sculptures.

When I met Ciro, we naturally started to paint some walls together, in Barcelona, then in Brasil (Sao Paulo) during my 4 months stay.
Also we started to collaborate on other works in studio, he was doing sculptures with old random found woods and did 2 frames for me to paint in it .
His work is raw, massive and masculine, mine is delicate, round and very feminine, we are so opposite that the union of both works somehow. We complete eachother, and it flows.
Besides the differences, we have some similar ways and tastes : we are both very spontaneous, we like to improvise, painting with our own mood and feelings, we paint fast, not clean, keeping the movement and the first lines as they come .
We both also like natural materials and colors, like wood, old hand made paper, leather… browns, golds, giving a vintage look to the shapes and characters,  wild, primitive but still classy and elegant.

For these 2 shows, one next to each other, it was the perfect opportunity to show both works separately and some collab pieces too.


Here some more infos about Ciro’s work :

CIRO SCHU Solo Exhibition
Time to Shine Gallery
Sept 21 Saturday 7-10pm
2020 E. 7th St Suite C
Los Angeles, CA. 90021